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Capturing the essence of a couple’s love story is an art form and when our team came across Bouquet Photography‘s beautiful photos from Melessa and Douglas’ spring wedding at the Heathrow Country Club, we just had to share their masterpiece.

How did you bring the couple’s vision to life with the services/products that you provided?

Bringing a couple’s vision to life through my photography services is both an honor and a pleasure. Melessa and Douglas entrusted me with capturing the precious moments of their engagement shoot and wedding day. My approach to photography is centered on understanding the unique vision and desires of each couple.

Melessa and Douglas had a clear vision for their special moments, and I was dedicated to ensuring that vision became a reality.

I hired Bouquet for my Engagement Shoot and Wedding. She is a wonderful photographer and a sweet person. Her pictures are high quality and extremely professional. I would highly recommend her to anyone!

– Melessa & Douglas

My goal is to be more than just a photographer. I strive to be a trusted partner in capturing the essence of a couple’s love story. Melessa and Douglas’s review serves as a testament to my commitment to bringing their vision to life through my photography. It was a joy to be a part of their journey, and I look forward to continuing to do the same for all the wonderful couples I have the privilege of working with.

What was your favorite personal or design detail that was unique to the couple included in this spring wedding at the Heathrow Club?

The painting and art pieces Melessa created out of my photographs from their engagement session.

Tell me more about your roadmap of working with this couple.

My process to ensure the perfect phots include:

  • Pre-Wedding Consultation: Meet with Melessa and Douglas before the wedding to discuss their vision, preferences, etc.
  • Equipment Check: Ensure all photography equipment is in working order, including cameras, lenses, flashes, and backup equipment.
  • Timeline Review: Familiarize myself with the wedding day timeline, including the ceremony and reception schedules.
  • Pre-Ceremony Shots: Photograph the bride and groom getting ready separately. Capture details like the wedding dress, shoes, rings, and accessories. Take candid shots of the bridal party and family as they prepare.
  • Ceremony: Document the ceremony, including the processional, vows, and exchange of rings. Get close-up shots of the couple’s expressions and emotions. Photograph any special rituals or traditions.
  • Portraits and Group Photos: After the ceremony, take formal portraits of the couple, the bridal party, and the immediate family. Use different backgrounds and lighting setups for variety.
  • Creative Shots: Experiment with different angles, lighting, and compositions.
  • Reception: Document the entrance of the couple and their first dance. Capture candid moments during toasts, speeches, and dinner.
  • Backup and Security: Continuously back up photos to prevent data loss. Keep a watchful eye on your equipment and ensure it’s secure.
  • Final Shots and Departure: Capture the grand exit, if applicable. Say goodbye to the couple and thank them for choosing you as their photographer.
  • Post-Production: After the wedding, cull and edit the photos to select the best ones. Apply any necessary color correction, retouching, and enhancements.

We look for opportunities to take creative and artistic photos throughout the day.

Do you have any wedding planning or marriage advice that you’d like to share with other couples planning their day?

Couples should start early and set a budget.  Stay organized, be flexible, read contracts carefully and remember that communication is key. Don’t forget to take breaks from wedding planning to spend quality time together and avoid burnout. Remember why you’re getting married in the first place. While the wedding day is important, the focus should be on building a strong and fulfilling marriage that lasts a lifetime!

Congratulations Melessa & Douglas on your charming spring wedding at the Heathrow Country Club!

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Our featured Wedding Venue Map trusted vendors in the charming spring wedding at the Heathrow Country Club:


💚 Venue: Heathrow Legacy Country Club

💚 Photographer: Bouquet Photography

💚 DJ: Dj Greg with Event Concepts

💚 Photobooth: Event Concepts

💚 Florist: Country Club Flowers

💚 Violinist: Rachel Durrum 

Special thanks to all the other vendors who provided services for the sprind wedding:


Planner/Day of Coordinator: Brittany Moore

Videographer: MMeshots

MUA: Aja Lauren 

Hair: Yurie Marie Bridal